How to Decorate Home with Modern Wall Art

Whether you are decorating your home with modern decor or classic pieces, the most important thing to remember is placement. Modern wall art decor should be positioned directly over sofas or chairs, at approximately 5 feet seven to nine inches off the floor. Also, don’t place them in a hidden corner. You want the wall art to be visible. Keeping this in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding something to hang on the wall that will fit.

A traditional ambiance can be created with wood wall decor. Wood is a classic material that can be carved and painted in various ways, and it works well in a rustic or traditional ambiance. When choosing wood wall decor, ensure it matches the other elements in your home, such as the furniture. Alternatively, you can go for a contemporary style, which emphasizes bold colors and movement. You can also choose designs from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, which feature elaborate patterns and beautiful designs.

If you’re purchasing modern wall art for a classic room, consider the size and shape of the walls. Make sure the art doesn’t overshadow the other objects in the room, as it may overwhelm the room and not fit. However, if you’re decorating a modern room, pastel-colored Victorian wall art wouldn’t fit. So, be sure to consider your budget when choosing wall art. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the right wall decor can lift a mood!