About Us

am_logo_design_artsDesign is the creative beginning of any human-initiated arrangement of materials. We are dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the diverse fields of design in Utah. We strive to help the citizens of Utah see, experience, use and value the art of design that surrounds us.

Design Arts Utah sponsors and mounts an annual exhibition. This exhibition features work submitted by Utah designers that have been selected by a juror prominent in the design field. Each year’s exhibition displays designs, prototypes, and produced samples by some of the best in Utah’s various design fields. Designers may submit produced work or conceptual, pre-production documentation. All Utah designers, including those in the fields of architecture (landscape or structural and community planning and design (urban and rural); as well as those in brand/packaging, display, fashion, furniture, graphic, industrial, interior, lighting, theater or film set, transportation, web design or other design fields are invited to participate. Information and the catalogue for most of our past design exhibitions are listed below.

The Design Community in Utah is vital and growing.  Following are some of the design organizations, some of which we partner with, in Utah:

AIA Utah
AIGA Salt Lake City
Craft Lake City
Salt Lake Design Week